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Biden Just Took Trump’s Law And Order And Turned It Into Fear And Failure

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said asked Americans if they feel safer under Trump while pointing to the President’s many failures.

Biden said that Trump is trying to instill fear in America:

Biden directly addressed Trump’s claims of law and order by saying:

if Donald Trump wants to ask the question, who will keep you safer as president? Let’s answer that question. First, some simple facts. When I was vice president, violent crime fell 15% in this country. We did it without chaos and disorder. And yes, we did it with democratic mayors in most of the major cities in this country. The murder rate now is up 26% across the nation this year under Donald Trump. Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump? COVID has taken this year just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years — look, the lives, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years. More than 180,000 lives in just six months. An average of 1,000 people dying every day in the month of August. Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump?

Mr. Trump, you want to talk about fear? Do you know that people are afraid of in America? They’re afraid they’re going to get COVID. Afraid they’re going to get sick and die. And that is in no small part because of you. We’re now on track to more than 200,000 deaths in this country due to COVID. More than 100,000 seniors have lost their lives to the virus. More cops have died from COVID this year than have been killed on patrol.


Nearly 1 in 6 small businesses closed in this country today. Do you really feel safer under trump? What about trump’s plan to destroy the affordable care act? And with it, the protections for pre-existing conditions? It impacts more than 100 million Americans. Does that make you feel safer? Or how about trump’s plan to defund social security? The Social Security Administration actuary released a report saying if the plan like the one trump is proposing goes into effect, the Social Security Trust Fund would be, and I quote, permanently depleted by the middle of calendar year 2023, with no ability to pay benefits thereafter. Put it plainly, Trump’s plan would wipe out Social Security, period. You feel safer and more secure now?

Trump has failed to protect America in so many areas that it is almost laughable that he would run on a platform of law and order. No president in the modern age has done more to make Americans unsafe than Donald Trump.

Biden answered Trump’s law and order claims and revealed to voters that if they really want to be safe, they need boot Trump out of the White House by electing Joe Biden.

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