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These two things should give people hope, according to Fauci

Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Albert Bourla said the ongoing clinical trial for a Covid-19 vaccine has enrolled about 23,000 participants, and some are already getting the second dose of the vaccine. 

Pfizer “should be able to have enough events to say, if the product works or not” by the end of October, Bourla said, speaking on Thursday to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations.

“We have already worked on the rest of the file,” he said, meaning if the vaccine is effective, “we are going to start submitting to the FDA, on a rolling base.”

Bourla said if they are able to determine the vaccine is safe and effective “in the October time frame,” the company could “submit immediately for approval.” 

Pfizer is in the “very advanced stage” of the clinical trial, Bourla said, confirming that as of yesterday, 23,000 patients were enrolled into the study. Pfizer is aiming to enroll 30,000 patients in the Phase 3 trial.

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