Trump Blows A Gasket And Attacks Pennsylvania For Extending Ballot Deadline

Trump claimed that Democrats are trying to steal the election in Pennsylvania after the conservative Supreme Court majority refused to stop a three-day extension of the ballot deadline.
Trump tweeted:

The part that Trump leaves out is that it was the conservative Supreme Court majority who refused to hear the case from Pennsylvania state Republicans who were calling for the 3-day extension to be blocked.

The Supreme Court that Republicans tushed to get Amy Coney Barrett, who did not take part in the case, on to rejected Trump’s bid to not have the votes of Pennsylvanians counted.

Pennsylvania is an uphill climb for Trump. The national media have crafted a narrative that Pennsylvania is a razor-thin state that is up for grabs, but the reality is that Biden’s lead has been consistent in the state, and he probably is in better shape in Pennsylvania than a state like North Carolina where he leads, but polls suggest a closer contest.

The only way that Trump has more than a chance of winning Pennsylvania is to get ballots tossed, but the President has lost every lawsuit and challenge so far in the Keystone State.

Trump is blowing up because he is running out of time and without Supreme Court help, victory in Pennsylvania could be beyond his reach.

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