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Trump Denies Having A Stroke, But Won’t Say Why He Went To Walter Reed

After the internet was ablaze with speculation that he had a stroke, Trump denied the stroke rumors but won’t say why he was rushed to Walter Reed.

Trump tweeted in response to the speculation:

Trump has lied more than 20,000 times as president, so his word means absolutely nothing. If Trump really wanted to stop the speculation, he could release his medical records so that every American could see for themselves why he was rushed to Walter Reed for an unscheduled visit. The official White House line has been that it was for his physical, but new reporting suggests that was a lie.

Something is wrong with Trump, and the White House is covering it up.

Trump is the candidate who tried to make Joe Biden’s health an issue in the campaign, but the roles have reversed, and for the first time since he entered politics, Donald Trump is on the defensive about his health.

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