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Trump Gets Nothing Out Of Kenosha Trip As Biden Leads Wisconsin By 6

Trump’s trip to Kenosha, WI did nothing for his campaign, as Joe Biden continues to lead the state by six points 50%-44%.
According to the new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll of the state:

Biden continues to hold a double-digit lead over Mr. Trump with women, and the race remains close among men. In Wisconsin, Biden has a 9-point lead with White women, wider than the 2-point margin Hillary Clinton had in 2016. Mr. Trump maintains his lead with White men but it is narrower than this 2016 margin.


On the protests, women voters in Wisconsin (including white women) give Biden more positive marks than Mr. Trump on handling the protests, while men tend to give the president higher marks.

We continue to see a divide among White voters by education, with college graduates backing Biden and those without a degree supporting Mr. Trump. However, Mr. Trump’s margin among the latter group is substantially smaller than it was four years ago. In Wisconsin, Trump has actually lost more ground among White, non-college voters than among White college graduates, which is a key reason the state currently leans Democratic.

The gender gap and education gap are still there, but Joe Biden has expanded his support with women and cut into Trump’s support with white men.

Trump’s trip to Kenosha is looking like a complete failure. Trump isn’t making a big move up the polls. Voters already know what Donald Trump is all about, and campaign stunts like the one he pulled in Kenosha aren’t getting the same media attention or having the same impact as they did four years ago.

Voters have seen this show before.

There is nothing new or surprising about Donald Trump this time around, which is why, unlike in 2016, he isn’t gaining momentum, but instead looks like a president who is flatlining.

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